"At 14, I was diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma), linked to environmental pollution caused by a local manufacturing company dumping chemicals that contaminated the soil, groundwater, and our drinking water.

While I was fortunate to live through the ordeal, others from my community did not.

I dance for them and for all those who cannot.

During that time, I felt deeply unworthy. But, it was also when dance came alive for me, becoming the one place in which I felt happy and free.

It has since helped me heal and fuels me in everything I do. I dance for my own continued healing, joy, growth, and the wellbeing of all.

So, it only makes sense to me that we dance together to create collective wellbeing for all people and the planet, sharing a brighter path for ourselves and future generations.

That is why I dance for humanity."

~ Jen Earls (she/her)
Founder, Community Dance Leader, Choreographer, Performing Artist

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Dance with friends for good!


We’re an inspiring, collective home for dance lovers to feel alive, thrive, and co-create a more regenerative world together! Whether new or seasoned, we welcome all to groove on our dance floor so we can come together as a more co-creative, empowered community.

We aim to build a more regenerative world for all through:

  1. Community Dance Events, Workshops & Retreats
  2. Co-Creative Dance Crews to Deepen Exchange On & Off the Dance Floor
  3. Choreographies & Performances for Eco-Social Causes
  4. Partnerships with Regenerative Organizations for a Brighter World for All


To be Happy & Healthy, we believe our world needs a conscious, dynamic balance of:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Receptivity
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Embodiment
  • Self-Care
  • Joy
  • Creativity
  • Nature
  • Community
White Flowers
White Flowers


We belong to ourselves, with each other, and with the Earth.

Be Willing to Evolve

We remain open to learning and growing, which helps us discover new, satisfying ways to meet our needs and have wonderful experiences together.

Embody Yourself

We aim to be present with our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and actions with as much self-awareness, kindness, and skill as possible.

Love What Arises

We embrace uncertainty and practice compassion with ourselves and others.

Own Your Unique Value

We believe your diverse perspective, voice, and gifts have worth and are needed.

Non-Violently Communicate

We thoughtfully express ourselves and actively listen to one another.

Grow Regeneratively Together

We believe the wellbeing of each of us, humanity, and our planet are deeply connected and therefore aim to operate and contribute in ways that provide nourishment on all of these levels.


Jen Earls is the Founder of Dance for Humanity. As a Community Dance Leader, Choreographer, and Performing Artist, she is passionate about leading community dance gatherings and events that guide dance lovers to connect more deeply, express themselves more freely, and dance with intention - for personal and collective wellbeing and eco-social causes. Through her love of engaging movement/dance, mindfulness, and skills for healthy embodiment and co-creation, Jen believes we can all move forward together to create a happier, healthier world for all.

She specializes in improvisational, expressive forms such as Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement, as well as Salsa and Afro-Latin Dance. Through her 13+ years of experience, she has led various community dance classes and workshops.

Additionally, Jen has served as a Holistic Life and Career Coach, Group Facilitator, and Meditation Teacher for more than 11 years, including time spent at MIT and in private practice.

Jennifer Earls


Jen strives to leverage all her education and skills to create a whole systems approach to all she does, holistically including the wellbeing of individuals, community, society, and the environment. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Tufts University, M.Ed. from Suffolk University, Four Forces Interpersonal and Group Facilitator Certification, Certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, and Koru Mindfulness Teacher Certification. She has also completed the "Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement Week 1" experience, a "Grounding Your Village: Ecovillage and Intentional, Sustainable Community Development" course, and recently, her Permaculture Design Certification.

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