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Dance for Humanity provides a unique experience, whether in person or online, for any event. Let us inspire your audience with our love of dance, creativity in our craft, and passion for our world and community.

Building Community Through Dance

Whether you want to bring your community, social group, or even your workplace closer together through Salsa lessons or Flash-Mob-Style Dances, bring our team to you!

Cities, Towns, & Neighborhoods

We help your residents and neighbors deepen connections through dancing together. And we often pair these events with local causes like cleaning up the environment.

Corporate Functions, Conferences & Private Parties

We will fire up your event! Dance is an excellent way to get people grooving and having the time of their lives together.

Organization & Team Retreats

We create a welcoming space for your staff to connect in a fun, creative and purposeful way so you can move forward inspired together!

Arts, Dance & Cultural Festivals

We guide people to synch up - to connect, express, and celebrate together through co-creative movement and dance.

Universities, Colleges & Schools

We bring students, staff and faculty together through dance! It's the perfect way to build greater joy, health and connection.

Weddings, Birthdays, Memorials & More

We make special moments all the more impactful. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or memorial, our team guides your group to dance, celebrate, and make meaning together.

Salsa Squared5 2023

Recent Events

Promotion Through Customized Dances

If you're looking to promote your cause or business, or anything in between, bring our team to you!

Causes & Fundraisers

We will guide your group in creating a dance to share publicly or on social media, raising awareness and resources for your cause or event.

Business & Product Launches

We can help draw attention to your business or product launch! Our team loves supporting endeavors that will benefit our world. We'll guide your team through a dance to share live or on social media to promote your venture.


Five Dancers in Red on a grassy field
Jen Earls | Contact

Event Elevation Through Inspirational Dance

To entertain and inspire at your event through performance, bring our team to you!

Host a solo performance at any event

Jen Earls creates dance routines and shows that are "movements with a message." She seeks to engage, uplift, and inspire audiences to connect with themselves, each other, and the world in more regenerative ways.



"Jen is a professional, caring and inspiring Dance Instructor and Performer. She always brings her intensity and passion for dance into her instruction and all her classes, large or small. She is patient, detailed and has an infectious warm energy that is appreciated by all of her clients, students and friends."
D.J. D Martinez, Latin Music DJ, Boston, MA
"I met Jen in a Zoom workshop. She had a wild idea, back when no one could leave home, that we would come together and uplift through dance. She shared a vision of community co-creation for a more regenerative world. Being part of the dance dedicated to Soul Fire Farm was fulfilling beyond words. I showed someone the video that I danced in (!!!), and when he said, a) this is amazing and b) this would have been way out of my comfort zone, I thought: mine too! But, in hindsight, it didn’t FEEL outside of my comfort zone, being led, encouraged, and inspired by Jen. It was a stretch that felt ease-full, if not easy, which is a pretty powerful thing."
Andrea E., Dance for Humanity Participant
"Jen's dance facilitation is very engaging. She evokes in people their playful and creative spirit. Her skillful instructions help dancers become progressively more embodied and energized. It is a delight to watch how she gets people connecting to each other, gradually uniting the group energy on the dance floor. "
Marek Tresnak, DJ Luminus, Producer of Expressive Dance Events in New England Area

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Get in touch with our team, so we can learn more about what you need for your organization or event. Then, we can create the best experience possible for you!

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