Dance Crews

Get ready to feel alive, make lifelong friends, and better the world – come dance with us!

Let me guess...

Without a doubt, dancing is the one activity that rejuvenates you. No matter what life throws at you, it uplifts you every time.

Dance feeds your soul and nourishes your body – it makes your life better.

It’s the place where you feel home - where you’ve had some of the best moments of your life.

From one dance lover to another, I get it.

Dance fills your cup. And we both know, it feels even better when you get to dance with an amazing crew of friends.

Jen Earls | Coaching
Dancing Outside Together

Our Dance for Humanity Crews were created for people just like you (and me).

To build a community of dance lovers so we can unite and:

  • Unleash our creativity and authentic expression.
  • Feed our souls.
  • And better the world.

Come be part of our crews and dance with people who cherish dance as much as you do!

The best of dance is yet to come. Your crew is waiting for you.

When you dance with our crews, you'll get to:

  • Expand your freedom
  • Express without judgment or fear
  • Nourish your body and grow in new ways
  • Make lifelong friends who share your passion and purpose
  • Feel supported through community exchange and co-creation
  • Feel fulfilled within - physically, emotionally, spirtiaully socially, and creatively

Come join our crew, and...

Be a part of a badass group of people dancing together for good in our lives and the world.

What will we do together?

  • Gather weekly over 3- to 4-month seasons (Fall and Spring)
  • Make intentional, inspiring dances to support our dreams and powerful causes (like protecting our planet)
  • Have special opportunities (if interested) to share our dances with loved ones and the public via:
    • Public demos
    • Social media videos
    • Organized shows
  • Uplift ourselves and others via sharing our movements and messages with the world!

Each week, you’ll get to…

  • Deepen friendships 1-1 and in small groups
  • Release and stretch with a guided warm-up
  • Play, freestyle, and let your creative energy flow
  • Share your story, desires, and ideas, and be uplifted by our crew
  • Dance with intention. Learn simple, powerful dances, and be guided to add in your expression - intentions, movements, and creative voice - to co-create dances for good
  • Be guided through a grounding cooldown


Who is this for? What level / style of dancer?

  • All people ages 18+ with an open, positive attitude who respect others' experiences and identities.
  • MOST SKILL LEVELS. The dances we make include simple group moves, plus spaces to add in your movements, making it as easy or advanced as you like.
  • It helps to be able to dance to the beat (i.e., on counts like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 8); if you’re interested, yet uncertain if it’s a fit, we encourage you to check it out!
  • ALL STYLES of movement/dance welcome! We make fusion routines through a co-creative process.


What music will we dance to?

  • Inspiring world music!
  • We make dances to a mix of lively and meaningful songs from a variety of global artists and genres.
  • We also welcome your musical suggestions!


What is the commitment?

Weekly 90 min. session (either a weekday evening or weekend day)

  • Day/Time TBD
  • Fall Season: September 11 - December 18
  • Spring Season: January 8 - April 15

Attendance: Members can miss up to 1 session a month

  • This policy is to create a container in which we can deeply connect and co-create together
  • We understand if there are other unplanned emergencies
  • Please reach out if you have any concerns; we would love to make it work for you!

Where do we meet?

  • Haw Creek Commons, Asheville, NC.
  • Free parking in the lot out front.
Yellow Skirt

What is the contribution?

  • $100 / month (~$20 / session; total of $300 / season)
  • If the contribution presents a challenge, please email to discuss options. We want everyone to be able to participate!

Note: The contribution does not include any costume or prop materials, however, we aim to use materials you already have or that are affordable.

  • Each member will spend no more than $75 total per season on materials
  • All members will be advised at least 1 month ahead of time any material fees
  • If this presents a challenge, we will find ways to support you; we want everyone to be able to participate!

What about accessibility?

  • The space is wheelchair accessible through the back entrance. Please let us know if you’re in need of this entrance; we will be happy to assist you.
  • If you have other needs we might be able to help with, please reach out to We ideally request 5 days notice to make sure we have time to accommodate.
  • We will do what we can to welcome as many people as possible.

Ready to Join?

We’re excited to welcome you to our crews and to dance together for good with you!

Please fill out our contact form, indicating your interest in our Dance Crews.

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