Do you love to dance?

Get ready to feel alive, make lifelong friends, and better the world – come dance with us!

Let me guess...

You’ve been longing to dust off your dance shoes (or bare feet) and feel the rhythm of the music moving through you.

Without a doubt, dancing is the one activity that rejuvenates you. No matter what life throws at you, that energy and excitement captivates you every time.

Dance feeds your soul and nourishes your body  – it makes your life better.

It’s the place where you feel home and where you’ve had some of the best moments of your life. You always feel alive, powerful, and free – on the dance floor!

From one dance lover to another, I get it.

Dance fills your cup. It gives you purpose. And we both know it feels even better  when you get to dance with an amazing crew of friends.

Jen Earls at Beach
Five women dancers in red and black outfits on a wooden bridge.

Dance for Humanity was created for people just like you (and me).

To build a community of dance lovers so we can unite and:

  • Unleash our creativity and authentic expression.
  • Keep our passion alive.
  • Feed our souls.
  • And better the world.

Come be part of our crew and dance with people who cherish dance as much as you do.


"Jen's dance facilitation is very engaging. She evokes in people their playful and creative spirit. Her skillful instructions help dancers become progressively more embodied and energized. It is a delight to watch how she gets people connecting to each other, gradually uniting the group energy on the dance floor. "
Marek Tresnak, DJ Luminus, Producer of Expressive Dance Events in New England Area
"Jen is a professional, caring and inspiring Dance Instructor and Performer. She always brings her intensity and passion for dance into her instruction and all her classes, large or small. She is patient, detailed and has an infectious warm energy that is appreciated by all of her clients, students and friends."
D.J. D Martinez, Latin Music DJ, Boston, MA
"I met Jen in a Zoom workshop. She had a wild idea, back when no one could leave home, that we would come together and uplift through dance. She shared a vision of community co-creation for a more regenerative world. Being part of the dance dedicated to Soul Fire Farm was fulfilling beyond words. I showed someone the video that I danced in (!!!), and when he said, a) this is amazing and b) this would have been way out of my comfort zone, I thought: mine too! But, in hindsight, it didn’t FEEL outside of my comfort zone, being led, encouraged, and inspired by Jen. It was a stretch that felt ease-full, if not easy, which is a pretty powerful thing."
Andrea E., Dance for Humanity Participant

Jen Earls

Your Community Dance Leader, Choreographer, and Performing Artist.

Founder of Dance for Humanity, I'm passionate about leading dance lovers to dance and connect meaningfully in community settings for our collective well-being, and to support eco-social causes for a regenerative world.

With over 13 years of experience leading various types of community dance classes, workshops, and retreats, I aim to promote healthy embodiment and fulfilling relationship-building through dance and intentional co-creation. I specialize in improvisational, expressive forms such as Contemplative Dance and Authentic Movement, as well as Salsa and Afro-Latin Dance. Influenced by my training in Group Facilitation, Holistic Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation Instruction, and Permaculture Design I use a collaborative, holistic approach to leading dance and intentional community-building.

My Mission

To create a home for dance lovers to feel alive, thrive and build a brighter, more regenerative world together through dance. Every gathering or event is designed to nurture self-awareness, receptivity, personal empowerment, self-care, joy, creative expression, community, and well-being for all.

Jen Earls | About

How would you like to be part of our community?

Dance Outside All Summer!

It’s time to reconnect, move our bodies, and dance our hearts out!

Enjoy dancing outside together in a beautiful park with vibrant, green grass, shady trees and sun.

Inspiring world music playlist to dance to.

Opening and closing circles to connect with friends (new & old).

Weekly on Wednesdays

  • 6:30-8:00pm 
  • Melrose, MA 
  • June 1 - Aug. 31

Ecstatic Dance Parties (Indoors)

Let loose, dance, and connect with friends!

Uplifting world music and fun LED lights to dance to.

Cozy corner to chill and chat with others.

Oracle cards and journaling and drawing supplies to nourish your curiosity.

Yoga mats to stretch or rest.

Plus, opening and closing circles to connect and share intentions and takeaways.

Max 30 dancers per party.

Dance Crews

Salsa Dance for Humanity, Ecstatic Dance for Humanity, or Womxn Dance for Humanity.

In these crew-like gatherings, we’ll jam together and explore what is possible for us on (and off) the dance floor - to bring greater satisfaction in dance and life!

New, co-creative explorations that expand your dancing (body movement, creative expression, connection with others, etc.)

Unique opportunities for exchange, so everyone can get more of what we love and want in life! Plus, boost our ability to impact the world positively together.

Max 30 dancers per gathering.

Coming Soon!

Dance Lessons for Events

Hire us to lead Salsa or Flash-Mob-Style Dancing to bring your people and communities together at:

  • Festivals
  • College
  • Corporate & Non-Profit Events
  • Fundraisers - to benefit local and global causes
  • Team-Building Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Private Parties

Find Out More:

The best of dance is yet to come. Your crew is waiting for you.

When you dance with our community you will:

  • Experience freedom like never before.
  • Be able to express without judgment or fear.
  • Have space to tune into your body, grow and nourish yourself in new ways.
  • Feel fulfillment within: physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally, and creatively.
  • Make lifelong friendships and connections with people who share your passion and a common purpose.
  • Feel supported and able to experience more - through the power of deep community exchange and co-creation.
Dance for Humanity_Global Performance Project

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